Fundadores del Club

Marbella Rugby Club was officially founded in front of a Notary on the 5th January 1989. Roberto Osborne, Pedro Alcalde, Alejandro Briozzo, José Vivas & Javier Arrillaga were all present. The first AGM was held on the 23rd March of that year, during which the first Board of Directors was elected, with Roberto Obsorne as the man who had envisioned Marbella Rugby Club & founded it, became the initial President of the club.


Roberto Osborne Maestre


Pedro Alcalde Rodríguez


Alejandro Briozzo Martognoni


José Vivas Martínez

1º Voice:

Daniel Sheratte

2º Voice:

Enrique López Milanessi

3º Voice:

Javier Arrillaga Martínez

4º Voice:

Rubén Pérez Cano